The Portfolio Optimizer Playbook

by MyPropertyStats

How To Increase The IRR On Your Existing RE Portfolio By 45%+

Maybe you’ve noticed this yourself, but the real estate industry has been living a century behind the rest of the investment world. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ve probably been forced to cobble together dozens of excel spreadsheet files on your desktop to track your properties and returns…

…Or pay thousands of dollars for a custom-built, enterprise-grade solution.

Until now

The Portfolio Optimizer Playbook will show you the exact spreadsheet to use, KPIs to track, and monthly system to follow to consolidate all of your real estate portfolio numbers and data into a single, coherent view that takes just minutes each month to manage.

Get a behind-the-scenes view into how reporting and optimization decisions are made on an actively-managed 8 figure portfolio, and take control of your numbers to make smarter, more profitable, and quicker investment management decisions.

Download The Portfolio Optimizer Playbook Today

Download the Portfolio Optimizer Playbook today and see behind the scenes of an 8-figure real estate management spreadsheet, and the simple monthly system used to track it.

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